ELSA Webinars Academy on Comparative Legal Review and The Judicial Protection of Gender Equality

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The conference will be focusing on the following sub-topics:

  • The presentation of Gender Equality through historical and sociological perspective;
  • A comparative review of Gender Equality, in particular by Comparing Legislative Frameworks and
  • The (Constitutional) Judicial Protection of Gender Equality.

The conference will consist of two parts – the first one being the theory-building with respected scholars and the second one presentations of proposals for scientific articles.

Name of the event
ELSA Webinars Academy on Comparative Legal Review and The Judicial Protection of Gender Equality
Starting date
Ending date
Starting time
09.00 CET
Ending time
13.00 CET
Organising Group
ELSA Ljubljana
Number of Participants
Additional information

The event will be free and includes lectures as well as feedback sessions for the presentation of ideas for scientific articles. The more details about the event will be posted on ELSA Ljubljana's social media , IPES website, and possibly social media of other cohosts.

In order to enable young enthusiastive students to thoroughly examine the issue of gender (in)equality, we are also inviting all interested individuals to submit their scientific articles proposals (that are not longer than 1.000 words) until 10 February 2021. This will be followed by presentations during the conference, guided by the comments of renowned scholars in the respective fields. After the conference, the participants who want to get their work published, will have 6 weeks to finish their scientific articles and send them to Przegląd Europejski (a scientific journal of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies. University of Warsaw), where it will later be published in a special issue.
A draft article proposal is not mandatory to participate at the conference. Nevertheless, due to limited number of participants via the online tool that will be used, anyone interested in participating at the conference must register prior to participation.
Please register here: info@ipes-si.org
Free of charge