ELSA Webinars Academy on Data Management

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ELSA Webinars Academy on Data Management is organised by the ELSA Maastricht.

As we find ourselves in the crossover from the automated to the programmed, and from the physical to the virtual, it has been undeniably established that technological development has taken our legal systems by storm. With our lives surrounding and arguably depending on being digitally connected, ELSA Maastricht wishes to explore the legal implications of such nascent technologies.

Our programme endeavors to take participants on a journey, starting from concrete European legislative instruments to the abstract grey areas of data management. We aim to equip participants with basic knowledge on the topics of the General Data Protection Regulation, intellectual property, artificial intelligence and human rights. Over the course of six days, academic study will be taught theoretically during lectures and worked out practically through interactive workshops and debates. Additionally, for a well-rounded experience, social and cultural activities will help you unwind in the afternoons.

ELSA Webinars Academy on Data Management is a platform for any motivated and ambitious student to be taught by leading European professionals and gain valuable insight and experience.

Apply before May 1st, 2021 for a spot on our immersive ELSA Webinars Academy!
Name of the event
ELSA Webinars Academy on Data Management
Starting date
Ending date
Starting time
09:30 CEST
Ending time
18:30 CEST
Organising Group
ELSA Maastricht
Number of Participants
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Keep in mind that anyone can apply upon the opening of the application period April 16th, 2021. Your application should contain the following:

1. Your Curriculum Vitae

2. A motivation letter, of max. 450 words.

Application deadline: May 1st, 2021.

Acceptance will be communicated shortly following the deadline and a link to the event will be provided two weeks prior to the event: May 28th, 2021.

Our Webinars Academy consists of a diverse palette of speakers with impressive records and careers. To provide a sneak peek; our speakers are sourced from Maastricht University’s law faculty to researchers of the European Centre of Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC), as well as industry professionals from our sponsor, Clifford Chance Luxembourg.

While academic study remains at the core of the programme, this will be coupled with a social and cultural to maximise the experience.

Stay tuned with us on social media for persistent updates on speakers, sponsors and special inside info:




30.00 EUR