ELSA Webinars Academy Groningen on Health Law

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ELSA Groningen is proud to present our first-ever ELSA Webinars Academy, covering the intriguing topic of Health Law.

ELSA Webinars Academy on Health Law is a project organised by ELSA Groningen, that offers students from all over and outside of Europe a unique chance to undergo a challenging academic programme, marked by the ELSA staple. It aims to advance students closer to being specialists in the legal field, by completing an enriching, diverse summer course created by students, for students - available within the comfort of everyone's home during these strange times.

The event, spanning the course of five days, will consist of more than 10 hours of academic programme, devoted to exploring the field of health law and its various aspects. The quality of the said academic programme is ensured by close cooperation with our academic partner, namely the Global Health Law Groningen Research Centre. The lectures will initially display a theoretical approach to the topics, followed by a more practical segment, in the form of a Q & A session.

Participants attending the Webinars Academy will be joining from all over and outside Europe. Indifferent to the heterogeneous academic backgrounds / academic degrees of each student who decides to embrace the opportunity, everyone will be brought together by their common interest in learning more about the topic of Health Law, starting from an intermediate level. We strongly believe that high variety among the participants will ensure the best experience for all.

We are certain that the captivating academic programme combined with the social events arranged by the organising committee, will ensure an unforgettable ELSA Webinars Academy experience!

Name of the event
ELSA Webinars Academy on Health Law
Starting date
Ending date
Organising Group
ELSA Groningen
Number of Participants
10 EUR
Additional Information
For more information please follow our Social Media pages, where we will publish our partners, lecturers, schedules and more soon!



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