ELSA Webinars Academy Timișoara on European Law

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Nowadays, European Union law has become an indispensable tool for European lawyers. Are you curious to learn more about some of the most disputed topics in the field?

This year, ELSA Timisoara has the utmost pleasure to invite you to the first online summer law school, Elsa Webinars Academy (EWA), to be held between 2-5 August 2021.

In our Webinars Academy, you have the opportunity to learn more about the UE world though the topics addressed by our speakers:

Mrs. Raluca Bercea will talk to us about the theme:

• The Independence of the Judiciary: A European Perspective.

Also, Mrs. Sorina Doroga proposes an introverted topic for debate, such as:

•Could the European Union ever be a democracy?

In our webinar, together with Mrs. Alexandra Mercescu, we will address the topic:

•Who talks to whom: Interaction between European Judges.

Mr. Lucian Bojin will teach us about:

•Human rights in the European Construction.

And last but not least, our international speaker, Mr. Przemyslaw Tacik, will address the subject:

•EU accession to the ECHR: How to manage complexity by increasing it.

Whether you are most passionate about the study of EU law or you still regard the subject to be a real challenge, by participating in EWA Timișoara on European Law, you will have the opportunity to get a clearer picture of the many intricacies of this complex field of law and its institutional and cultural underpinnings.

We are waiting for you!

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EWA Timișoara on European Law
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EWA Timișoara
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