IT Threats through the Cases; a Legal Close-Up

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The Webinar will be conducted in Greek and in English by law professors and legal professionals. The Webinar content will include, inter alia, online threats, dangers of the web in politics as well as in influencing people’s decisions, the risk of social media and violence, and the poorly regulated space of internet pornography.

The focus will be on specific case-studies, namely Facebook's role in the genocide in Myanmar (ENG), the ways that states around the globe have used technology in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (ENG), the exchange of private photos via the ChatPic platform and revenge porn as a form of gender-based internet violence (GR), "Children of Pornhub" and the exchange of child pornographic material by underage individuals (GR) and the suspension of social media accounts due to the risk of incitement of violence (GR).

Name of the event
IT Threats through the Cases; a Legal Close-Up
Starting date
Ending date
Starting time
17.00 CET
Ending time
20.00 CET
English, Greek
Organising Group
ELSA Thessaloniki
Number of Participants
Additional information
The Webinar will take place via the ZOOM platform in the following link. More information available on our Facebook page
Free of charge